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MJSBioLynx Inc. is a Canadian supplier of quality life science research products.

Antibodies and ELISAs

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New Supplier - MagBio

Magnetic bead-based purification kits for DNA, RNA, NGS and PCR, medium and high-throughput.  Click here for more information.

FREE Transfection Samples

Try Mirus TransIT® Transfection Reagents for high efficiency, low toxicity delivery of DNA and RNA into a wide variety of cells.

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New Supplier - NuGEN

Solutions for qPCR, microarray or NGS analysis of all samples, including limited, degraded or otherwise challenging samples.
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New Supplier - Hycult Biotech

Antibodies, proteins and immunoassays for innate immunity research, including complement, neutrophil proteins, TLR, scavenger receptors and acute phase proteins.
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